Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Reuse of computers

Today computers are a huge part of society. We use them every day in business around the world. Most homes have a desktop and it isn’t uncommon for people to also have a laptop too. Where do all of those computers go though when they no longer function? They can take up a mass amount of space in the landfills.

Today computer recycling programs are everywhere to help reduce that type of scenario. When you buy a new computer you may be able to donate your old one to that location. Otherwise you may need to check online to see where you can take yours locally. There could be a very small fee too if they come to your home or business to pick up the computer.

When a computer is donated for recycling it is taken apart. It is completely dismantled and all of the parts from it are sorted out. In many instances they are used for learning tools. You may want to find out if your local high schools or colleges need them as part of their training curriculum.

What can be salvaged from computers can be used again to create new ones. The sell price of refurbished computers is less than a new one. That can be a viable option for someone looking for a great deal on a computer. At the same time it can be useful for those that need a second computer such as a laptop.

The EPA has established very stringent guidelines about what constitutes recycled computer too. This means consumers don’t have to fear that they are going to get a dud. The computer can also be your way of reducing waste as you aren’t adding one more of them to a pile that won’t be used. Educators can tell their students that the computers are recycled as a means of helping them to see the connections as well.

A refurbished computer has been carefully rebuilt by technicians. They have the right training to know what can be used again and what can’t. Some of the materials are rebuilt so that they can be used too instead of tossed out. The cost of rebuilding those parts is less than making them new from raw materials.

Many of the items from a computer that can’t be used again or rebuilt all go into the same pile. They are sent to a plant where they are ground up and then the metal is melted. This allows for the melt to be recycled and used to create new products. The volume of mental that is found in used computers is very high so this is a significant way of helping the environment.

There are some elements from computers that are tough to recycle though. For example the old batteries from the motherboard, glass from CRTs that contain lead, and even flat screen monitors that have fluorescent lighting in them due to the fact that they have levels of mercury in them.

All of these deemed hazardous parts of computers go into a water processing system. This allows the metals to be removed and then those parts can be disposed of. They take up much less space in a landfill than a full computer would.

Computer recycling though is just one way that we can make a huge difference for the environment.  How many electronic devices such as a computer are in your home? Statistically most households have about 25 of them. When one of them is no longer usable don’t just toss it out. Find out if there is a place to recycle it. This can happen for many products including cameras, cell phones, and TVs.