Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

Phone Recycling

It is amazing to think that just 20 years ago hardly anyone had a mobile phone. Those that did were important business people or rich. They also had a huge phone to carry around and they couldn’t use it for long before the charge went out. Today though mobile phones are everywhere. Adults have them and most children do too as a means of staying in contact.

These phones though continue to astonish us with what they offer. The models range from simply making calls to playing music, playing games, a small office, and even accessing the internet. All of this means that there are tons of mobile phones out there that no longer work. When someone upgrades what do they do with that old phone?

It may not seem like a mobile phone tossing into the garbage would matter much. However, there are about 100 million of them added every single year. That is why mobile phone recycling is very important. Should you decide to get a new one as your provider how to recycle the one you have. They may have a program available.

You can also seek out a mobile phone recycling location in your community. Always erase all of the data from that phone though before you give it to any recycling location. Do this as a precaution for your own safety. You simply can’t be too careful in today’s society.

It isn’t the volume of space that these mobile phones take up that creates a problem. The issue is also that they have lithium ion batteries in them. They can become explosive if they are in the sunlight too long. They can also cause soil contamination and then when water runs through the landfill it can cause that contamination to get into our bodies of water.

High levels of various forms of contaminants including lead and mercury can come from mobile phones in the landfills. Yet they can’t always be taken out of the drinking water through the treatment center. None of us want to consume contaminated water so take action to prevent that from happening.

Recycling of mobile phones hasn’t caught on like it should. The problem is that most people don’t know about it. Now that you understand the value of it make sure you do it the next time you get a new mobile phone. Tell others too so that there are plenty of people involved. In 2007 only 10% of the mobile phones out there were recycled. We can all make the effort to see that rate skyrocket!

What about those mobile phones you have that still work but that you don’t need? For example when your provider offers you a free upgrade to thank you for being a customer? You can find out about how to donate them locally. The police department and the local abuse shelters may collect them to use for those in a crisis situation.

The ability to reuse those mobile phones that still operate is very important. Someone who is unable to get their own mobile phone or that is in a crisis doesn’t care that your donation won’t  have the latest features in it. They just want to make sure they can make calls when they have to.

If all of this isn’t encouragement enough, consider some of the environmental benefits from mobile phone recycling. For example each phone that is recycled can save enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours. All of the mobile phones that are added to the landfills annually in the USA offer enough power to provide electricity to 24,000 homes for an entire year!