Tips for Recycling at Home

Tips for Recycling at Home

Tips for Recycling at Home

Recycling at Home

Recycling isn’t just something that has to be done in the community. While businesses, schools, and factories should be making efforts each of us has the chance at home to make changes too. When you implement these various recycling tips you can feel good about the lower amount of waste you create. This also makes a wonderful impression on children and they will recycle when they move out on their own too.

Recycling at home can only be successful if you have a great place for those items to be separated and collected. If you have room in the kitchen that works since a large portion of the items will come from that area. You can also place a box in each room to collect items. Then household members can take turns moving them from that area to the larger collection place. Perhaps you have bins in your garage where you can keep them.

Plastic is a common contributor to waste so do your part to stop using so much of it in your home. Take your own shopping bags to the store so that you don’t bring home more plastic bags. Use eco friendly bottles to refill with water so that you don’t have to use plastic bottles.

Never buy any form of Styrofoam cups either as they can’t be recycled. When you go shopping be very proactive about packaging. Don’t buy items that are in packages that can’t be recycled. You can even contact the manufacture to tell them that you didn’t buy those items due to what they use for packaging. This can make a strong impact on them so that they change what they use.

Paper can be recycled so do your best to keep it too and to recycle it. Try to reduce the use of paper though. For example save old papers and use them for scratch paper or for doodling. Make grocery lists on old envelopes and other items. Make sure you get on the list to opt out of junk mail too. Consider sending e-cards for the holidays instead of sending out paper cards.

Ideas for recycling at home

Blossom in recycled tin

Cut down on paper products you use at home too. Instead of a roll of paper towels have a hand drying towel offered. Save old towels and rags to clean up spills with. Make sure you have containers to properly dispose of motor oil. Find out what the local laws require for disposing of paint and other items with chemicals in them.

Try to read newspapers and magazines online when you can. If you must have the real version make sure you recycle them. Most households have many items that require batteries. Invest in a charger so that you are able to use them again instead of tossing old batteries into the trash.

Eco friendly appliances can be very useful in your home as well. They include washing machines, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Only do laundry when you have a full load. Don’t start the dishwasher until it is full.

Cut down on wasted water by shutting the faucet off when you do dishes and when you brush your teeth. Showers should only be long enough to get you clean and then get the water off. An energy efficient water heater is a good idea too.

As a family sit down from time to time and think about all of your recycling efforts. Reward yourselves for doing such a great job at it. Strive to educate others that you see at work, school, and socially too about the value of recycling efforts.