Tire Recycling

Tire Recycling

Tire Recycling

A New use for Tires

Tires are something that we often don’t think about too much. We know that they are part of our vehicles as well as other modes of transportation. When necessary we replace them on our bikes, cars, and even recreational vehicles that we own. Yet we fail to think about what happens to all of those tires when we are done with the. They certainly can consume a huge amount of space in the landfills.

The process of tire recycling though is a great idea. The sheer amount of tires that aren’t useable any more is unbelievable and it grows every single day. When those tires are melted down though the materials can be made to make new tires. This is less expensive and causes less air pollution than making new tires out of raw materials.

The process for recycling tires though is more complex than with other items. That is because of all of the elements that have to be effectively broken down. They can also give off very dangerous types of gas if they are heated. This is why the materials are often used to create new products other than tires too. They have to be treated though with complex measures or harmful gases can come from the melting of the materials.

It may surprise you to learn what some of the old tires are now being used for. Some of the common uses include making handbags, shoes, and tarps. They are also used to make a variety of hoses for businesses and even for the engines of vehicles. In many locations though it is voluntary to recycle tires or not so there are still large numbers of them in the landfills.

Some select states though have made it illegal to deposit any forms of tires at the landfills. They feel that with effective recycling methods offered there is just absolutely no reason for them to be in landfills. Given the fact that it is estimated there are enough old tires every single year to account for one per person, we all have to take action to make a difference.

Technology is also offering us more ways to benefit from the use of rubber. This is encouraging because it gives us the opportunity to use those recycled tires for new options that we hadn’t thought of before. Many people had no idea that old tires were such an environmental concern. Now that you do though stop the cycle of them being wasted and do your part the next time you get a new tire or a set of them.

Even though tires can last much longer today than they used to, they won’t last forever. Make sure you have a game plan for recycling them. If you get new tires put on at a service station ask them if they will do it for you. Many of them do for a very small free and that takes them off your hands. They can then turn over volumes of tires for recycling to the right entity.

If they won’t take them off your hands then you may need to do some exploring. You can check online to find out where the best place is to deposit them so you don’t store them in your garage. Remember, old tires trap various types of gases that aren’t safe for your family to be around. There are more programs out there though than you think. For example  many towing companies and junk yards are glad to help with tire recycling efforts. Don’t give up until you find a place for them!