Waste Recycling

Waste Recycling

Waste Recycling

Trash and more trash

It is hard to imagine sometimes how the volume of items in a landfill can add up around the world.  We may only think of our own contributions but that isn’t the right way to approach it. Don’t fool yourself though into thinking that you don’t contribute large amounts of problems to the dump. On average each person in the United States contributes more than 1,200 pounds of such materials that go to landfills. Taking action to cut down on that amount is very important.

Before you start to think that it costs too much to recycle items you need to learn the facts. There are many items including glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, and electronics that can be recycled. The cost to break down the materials and then to use them again is only a fraction of what it costs to make the same items from raw materials.

At the same time these waste recycling efforts also ensure that we aren’t using as much of our nonrenewable resources such as crude oil to create items. We also can reduce the amount of trees that we cut down to create products. The results of waste recycling offer results all the way around. They aren’t nearly as expensive as tossing items into a landfill and starting all over again.

There are some tough concerns out there too such as what to do with motor oil. With so many person and business vehicles out there on the road you have to be extremely careful. A quart of motor oil though can contaminate up to 1 million gallons of water. That is why you have to be part of successfully recycling it.

The motor oil can be cleansed through a process and then used again. That can make a significant difference in the quality of our drinking water. Tires are also a big problem and they can quickly add up in our landfills. There are processes in place now though that allows the rubber to be used again for creating various products as well as new tires.

Plastic is also a huge problem when it comes to recycling. People tend to think bottled water is better for them due to contamination but that isn’t necessarily the case. If we all stop contributing to waste then we can also remove contamination that gets into the water. It is a constant cycle that we can all stop if we take the initiative to do so.

At the same time they dispose of millions of tons of plastic every single year. Even though more of this waste product is being recycled it still isn’t’ enough. Changing to eco friendly reusable bottles will cut down on the plastic. Using shopping bags that you take each time to the store also eliminates you taking home volumes of plastic bags annually.

Waste recycling can be a challenge for all households to take on. The fact that only about 20% of what goes to landfills really has to be there could be startling information for you. Be creative when it comes to ways to recycle and ways to reuse items. If you really don’t want to have items anymore donate them.

There are always people that can take something such as furniture, appliances, and even electronics. They can make those items work again and that prevents them from going to the landfills. Find out where you can donate such items in your community. Then you can clean out the clutter but also cut down on waste in the landfills. At the same time you can feel good about helping others in need.